We have propositions for everybody!
There are no complex tasks for us!
Improve your business strategies!
Raise your business to the new level!
Good solutions for your business!


Smart approach is the key to our success. We look at the entire picture understanding what you are trying to solve and choose the right architect for the product. We gain your confidence with our design excellence.


We believe in simplicity and there is one for every requirement. We also understand that it is the most challenging part whether consumer facing user experience or enterprise applications.


Delivering products on time is NOT the end. We support and stand behind every single projects we involved. We are truely an extended arm of your team. We value your intellectual properties and customers the same way you value them.

Company profile

San Diego based Strategy, Design, Development firm specialized in mobile technologies, enterprise web applications and innovations.

Onsite presence for your daily interactions and strong offshore development teams with advanced communication facility.

Idea generation, Market Research, Business Plan, Mobile Strategy, Product / Project Management, User Experience, Quality Assurance and Go to Market Strategies. Work and help you improve development process, source code & release management and provide unparalleled continuous support.

Best solutions

Starting up
Specialized working with start up companies our developers understand the need to deliver quality product fast. Our fast turnaround time with agile helps you to build the product that you envison.
Product Development
We dive deeply into understanding your requirements, corporate culture and business model on every project we handle for you. Simple tools or complex enterprise applications, we deliver the highest quality you can ask for.
Intellectual Value
Our experts look for adding values to your product with intellectual properties and help your product lead the market. You get domain and business experts, not just developers!